Planner Outlook Add-in

Integrate Planner with Outlook to create, assign and manage your tasks on Planner directly from Outlook.

Convert Email to Planner Task

Attach & Upload email to Planner task

Sync Planner Tasks

to Outlook task & Calendar as appointments

See tasks in Card, Gantt chart, Calendar, Timeline and Agenda view

Set Reminders for Planner Tasks

  • Set reminders for Planner Tasks when it gets synced with your Outlook as Task / Appointment.

  • Set default reminder time for all tasks / appointments based on Start / Due date

  • Set individual reminders for each task when creating new planner task / conver email to task.

Create / edit / delete Planner tasks

Now Outlook becomes your one stop destination to Create or edit Planner tasks, drop in to respective bucket and assign to user / group

View all Planner tasks assigned to you (My Tasks view)

  • Settings to sync Planner tasks with Outlook tasks / calendar appointments

  • Ignore completed Planner tasks from sync

  • Clear all Planner tasks and appointments synced to Outlook

  • Set currently logged in user as default assignee for tasks

Work smarter





  • Planner Outlook





  • Planner Outlook

  • Planner Manager

  • Planner Gannt





  • Planner Outlook

  • Planner Manager

  • Planner Gantt

  • Power BI Connector

  • Resource Management

  •  Time estimate for Tasks

  • Archive completed plans


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Web App
(For Windows & Mac)

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