Apps4.Pro Migration Manager 

Apps4pro Migration Manager aids to migrate your Office365 OneDrive account along with My files, shared by you, share by me, folder structure, and file/folder permission.

OneDrive Migration


Apps4.Pro Migration Manager does it all: 


Migrate OneDrive Files from one tenant to another tenant with a few clicks.

Apps Migration Manager lends an easy and secure way of transferring the OneDrive files with no limitation. Incremental Migration is endorsed so users can continue using their OneDrive files during the migration process.

What's Migrated:

  • My Files

  • Shared by me

  • Shared by you

  • Slideshows

  • Folder Structure

  • Permission

  • Spreadsheets

Special Features :

With three steps configuration, you can migrate multiple OneDrive accounts between tenants

Automatic user mapping between source and target tenant

Incremental migration supported

Other Systems Supported For Migration

Microsoft Teams

Migrates Teams, Channels, Private Channels, OneNote, Wiki and Planner tab

Microsoft Planner

#1 Microsoft Planner Migration tool in the market for a complete migration including task comments and attachments.

Migrates your Stream Videos and Meeting recordings from one tenant to another tenant along with Permission, channels, metadata and video settings. 

Microsoft Stream

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