Planner Manager

Improving Microsoft Planner for team leaders

 Archive Plans

Archive Planner tasks in SharePoint List. View the archived plan and their tasks as read-only.

Create custom task fields

Single / Multi line, Date/Time, Number, User, Options, Label-Map

Export / Import

Export/Import tasks using Excel. Create plan templates for new plans from scratch.

View tasks across plans

View and analyse all the tasks assigned to a user across multiple plans

Integrate Planner with Power BI

Power BI reporting pack helps you to create rich dashboards for Microsoft Planner. It pushes the Planner data to Power BI at regular intervals to keep your dashboards live.

Backup Plans and Tasks to OneDrive or Local folder

Schedule backup of Plans and Tasks details as Excel to OneDrive / Local folder. Use this Excel to recreate Plans and Tasks from the Planner Manager. 

Planner Reports/Interactive Dashboards
  • All Tasks      

  • All Tasks by Plan    

  • All Tasks by Bucket    

  • All Tasks by Assigner    

  • All Tasks by Assignee    

  • Top N busy Members in next N days    

  • Tasks with no due date            

  • Top N members with unfinished Tasks  

  • Export report to Excel/CSV/PDF

Copy / Move Tasks

Copy / Move tasks between plans including attachments and conversations.

Work smarter




  • Planner Manager




  • Planner Manager

  • Planner Outlook

  • ​Planner Gantt




  • Planner Manager

  • Power BI 

  • Planner Outlook

  • Planner Gantt

  • Archive completed plans

  • Resource Management

  • Time estimate for tasks

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