1. How does 14 days free trial work?

Apps4.Pro Planner is absolutely free for 14 days trial. Download and install the app / add-in and sign-in with your Office 365 login email address to get started. It's simple to convert the trial version to paid version just by enter the same email address used during trial sign up in the payment page. No need to face reinstallation hazards.

2. What payment options do I have?

Credit Card (Processed by PayPal & license will be provisioned immediately after purchase).
Bank transfer (Payment against invoice. You need to contact with your company details)

3. What is the cancellation policy ?

4. Will my subscription gets renewed automatically every year?

Apps4.Pro encourages you to make use of free 14 days trial before you make a purchase. In any case within 7 days from date of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied Apps4.Pro will refund your purchase, no questions asked. We require your PayPal transaction confirmation and Office 365 email address that was used to manage the licenses. Please contact for help in this regard.This policy is not applicable for migration apps.

Currently we don't support automatic renewals. We will make it happen shortly.


Apps4.Pro Planner is trusted by over 3000+ customers worldwide. We simplify their task creation / management process simpler and helps them to be stay on top of their tasks.

Apps4.Pro Planner is recognized as Winner, Best SharePoint app and Best use of Microsoft Graph awards in the hackathon held by Microsoft & Devpost

JiJi Technologies Private Limited is the master behind the brand Apps4.Pro.

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